Golf Lessons at Ruth Park Golf Course

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Our Professional Golf Instructors

No golf workshop, school, clinic, or individual lesson will take you beyond the skill and experience of the instructor. We believe that the proper fundamentals are the building block for a repeating and lasting golf swing.  Having the students understand what their golf swing is doing by analyzing the ball flight which is really the cornerstone to becoming a good player. We continue to utilize the best in classic and new golf instruction techniques. If you are looking to improve your game, or if you have a question, talk with our instructional staff. It could be the best thing you ever do for your golf game.

Programs Available

  • Private Lessons with PGA Professional Doug Castellari:
  • Lesson packages available,  full swing and short game (pitching, chipping and putting).
  • Specialized clinics through out the season.
  • "Get Golf Ready" program;  this 6 week instructional program featuring men's and women's beginner classes.
  • Junior Golf
  • Playing Lessons
  • Custom Club Fitting: Club fitting analysis; Callaway Fitting Systems.
  • Video instruction available.

Call (314) 727-4800 for more information on our programs or to schedule lessons.

Playing Lessons

Together we will explore the challenges of playing the game:

  • Better imagery
  • How to practice
  • The emphasis on the short game
  • Club selection
  • Rules and etiquette
  • Custom Club Fitting

Total cost is to practice on four holes of golf.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are tailored to fit each person's body structure, strength and flexibility. Lessons can focus on putting, short game, full swing or any other area that needs improvement.